7am:  Walk into a coffee shop.

Hey, how are you?

How about a bagel with cream cheese and a coffee?

Get to talking with the gal who is toasting the bagel.

She had a wild night.

A tree fell on her car.

It was one heck of a windy night.

How in the hell does she look so put together?

And then there is me.

Totally wild and disengaged, whatever that is.

Drove into the parking lot, at 740am, at work.

Saw the lone female goose.


Life can be so cruel.

Weathered the storms of the day.

And then I wondered, still I wondered, Who’ll stop the rain?

At 5pm, time to head on out.

Hey hey!

My my

Bring me a drink or I will cry.

I enter the bar and see my buddies:

Mark, Carol, Cait and Dave:

Let’s toast to each other, to this day and to this moment.

What a wonderful feeling it is to be together.

And then the news:

Dave is heading to Florida.

Good luck to you, my friend.

You deserve the best.

Hey, Cait!  Another double, please.

Excuse me while I drink and sneeze.

The crowd sauntered in.

Oh Chicken Butt, please, don’t be a goof.

As Pink Floyd said, “Chicken B, leave those kids alone.”

She didn’t.

My, my

Hey Hey

What a wonderful time we had today.

See you next time, Carol and Dave.

Love you two, even if you go away.

Just remember, when you think the coast is clear,

The Chicken Butt is always near.

And her next trip?

Tampa Bay.







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