Ever get an email  that starts like this:  In reference to the above mentioned subject……


As previously referenced, we can no longer support….

How about this one:

Afternoon.  Your order is late, due to unforeseen circumstances.


Hi.  We don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

The last one is probably the most effective.


People respond to a conversational tone.

If you go back and read your email messages, would you really say what you just wrote?

How many times have you approached another person and said, “Hey, Cindy, in reference to the above mentioned…..”

Writing is such sweet sorrow.

We want to make a good impression, but we blow it every time.

Think about what you would say to the audience you are addressing:

I received your request. Thank you!  Just one thought.  I think we might be able to save you some money on this project.  Let me know when you have a few minutes to discuss.

Or:  Hey!  Great idea!  Can we schedule a call to finalize the details and agree on a delivery date?

Oh my, too simple?

Not really.

People want to communicate, and rely on email to do so.

Often the effect is deadly:

Can you read between the lines?

Does the tone reflect the intent?

Do we go back and forth, replying to one another, in cyber space, with no person to person contact?

Just one more thought:  When it gets to the point of no return, when the emails explode into ad infinitum, pick up the phone.

And talk.

You will be amazed at what you might accomplish.





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