Looking back on the last week in March, 2016:

Pat’s husband wanted to know where his Easter basket was:

:”Waiting” she said,”til the day after Easter, when the candy is half priced.” Pat believes in poking the retired bear, who is now on a fixed income.

I hear that our good buddy Stephanie visited with the Beav and Jess on Friday night.  If only I could have been a fly on the wall.  Wait.  I already am a fly. A bar fly, that is.

I ran into my favorite 5 year old last night.   She was on her way to her bfffffffffffff’s house for the evening. She is so engaging, friendly and spontaneous!  Maddie for president!

Made 2 new friends this week:  Carol’s 13 year old Grandson and Donna’s 6 year old Grandson.  Sometimes I wonder why it is that I find it easier to relate to kids than to adults.  I think it may have to do with expectations, or lack of them.

Accidentally bought coffee beans, rather than ground coffee this week.  I have to admit:  The coffee tasted a whole lot better using freshly ground beans.

We finally got a Shake and Steak in our area.  I probably should have waited a few weeks before ordering from them.  Let me just say:  It is hosed up.  So I ventured to the new pizza place that recently opened, and that too, was not what I had anticipated.  I see the Chinese take out is now open in the shopping center.  I overheard a conversation at the grocery store today:  “Don’t eat there.”  So much for progress.

March madness ends today. Great ball games!  And Thursday night, tennis in Florida featured 2 of the best tennis players I have seen in a long time.  Gaël Monfils and Kei Nishikori :  Wow!

At the office,  Erica’s cube was redecorated on April Fools day, and I was shocked that I did not hear her say, Mother of God!”  Alan solved a printer problem and is now in a celebrity mode, prancing around with an enlarged head.  MCat survived the inventory ritual.  I tiptoed past her, in the print center, as she was busy at her task.  I didn’t want to disturb her.  Well, at least I didn’t want her to get any more disturbed than she already is.

The weather forecast is for wind tonight.

So windy, in fact, that I will most likely be writing tomorrow, from Kansas, with Toto.

Have a great weekend!







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