Oh yes, Monday.

Does anyone really enjoy jolting out of the weekend into the working world?

Let’s face it folks, most of us spend more time working than not working, so if you don’t enjoy it, well, you are wasting your life.

Let’s say you decided to quit working.

Ok, so no more “Mondays”.

Want to bet on that?

After retiring  at age 45, the days slipped into weeks, slipped into months and then after 2 years, enough was enough.

Leisure, in my mind, is not a way of life.

It is a deserved retreat after many years of working, but for me, it is not the ultimate life.

Some of us need to interact, to contribute, to achieve.

And that is what I love.

So, hello Monday.

Awake at dawn, and give it another shot.

And when it is over, look back and smile.

How many lives did I touch today, in a positive way?

Did I learn anything?

Did I improve anything?

Did I enjoy the day?

If not, Tuesday is another day.

Make the most of it.

You will never see it again….





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