Didn’t really  expect today to be what it was.

Tuesday, usually a day of work.

But late last night, a very sick husband.

So sick that he could not watch the Villanova game.

Now that is sick.

Will you agree that you need to go to the hospital?


When I went to sleep last night, I anticipated that we would wake, get ready and head for the hospital.

Sister in law showed up early to help me.

No go.

He would not go.

“I am feeling a little better.”

“I want to stay here.  I am not going to the hospital.”

Now what?

Can you force someone to get help?

If it was your life, would you expect others to honor your wishes?

Several hours later, Sis and I went out for lunch, to discuss what to do.

If I was very ill, and I did not want to get help, would that be ok?

Is it my choice?

Or is there a point in time when my choice no longer matters?

And so the wife and the sister agree to wait.

To wait, and to hope that he will choose to get help, before it is too late.

In doing so, are we negligent?

Or are we allowing Jim to make his life and death decisions?

Sometimes, the greatest gift of all is to honor those decisions.

I only hope we are doing the right thing.

We want you to live and enjoy your life, Jim.

However, it is your life, and ultimately, your decision, to choose.

We will be there for you, whatever those choices are.





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