Went to work, after 3 days of being nurse Ratchet.

Got a call:

Oh no!

He fell and couldn’t get up.

After a half hour, he finally was able to get back to his perch.

Did you use your walker?

No way!

I couldn’t .

The cats were in the way and I just couldn’t disturb them.

As I asked you earlier, can I please have a light and bell on my walker?

Can someone please explain to the males in this world, that you are crazier than you realize.

Don’t try to play hero, or super man, not when you would rather take the fall than to disturb the cats.

When you get old, my friends, and wonder if you will make it another day, how many of you would take the fall for a cat or two?

Sometimes I think our furry friends keep us alive.

They are dependent on us, and we have devoted our time and love to keep them happy.

When they are happy, so are we.

Yes, I am in love with 2 cats, and a cat man.

So, what did you do, when you fell?

Did you talk to the cats?

Did they help you get your axx back on the couch?

Finally home.

I see you three, hanging out together, on the couch, safe and sound, and hungry.

Liver and chicken for Puff Daddy and Half Pint and an Italian Hoagie for the old goat.

The three some  will hunker down tomorrow, in the April snow, waiting for  the chicken butt to come home from shopping.

Please bring home a light and a bell for my walker, and Temptations for my cats.

Reflecting on the wishes of those we love, It is amazing how simple and basic are the things that make us happy.

And if we have nothing but an easy, peaceful, feeling, it is enough.

As long as we are together.












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