Can you believe the snow is still hanging around?

It is lingering on the deck, taunting and teasing Spring.

It wasn’t quite what I would call a blizzard, but it was a harbinger of the weekend of April 9 and 10.

I had an early morning date with Dan, the tax man.

It took a little longer this year.

Not sure if it is because Dan and I have been meeting like this every year, and have to catch up on the state of our unions, or if it just seems that figuring out taxes is a painful experience.

When that was over, I needed a few blasts.

Let’s face it.

I need a few blasts, regardless of the circumstances.

I watched the snow fly while I had my morning juice spiked with ice and another unmentionable ingredient,  acting like a complete idiot once again.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Put on my nurse’s hat and attempted to make my patients, a husband and 2 cats, comfortable.

By early evening, I was ready for bed, and a good movie.

Too bad the patients had other ideas.

A very unsettling night, indeed.

Somehow the weekend is just about over.

I just might sneak into bed early again, after the night’s feeding frenzy.

With any luck, we all might have a restful night.

Until tomorrow,







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