Yeah?  So?

Yes, I am worried about Aggie.

Yes, I am worried about Jim.

Yes, I am worried about Pat’s Sis.

Yes, my heart goes out to Fatima and her family.

Hey, Banana, I know you are grieving over the loss of your life long partner.

And Cheryl, what a tragic loss. Your husband, your soul mate… how very sad.

I step back for a few minutes, tonight, and look at my reflection.

Oh Geez!  Chicken Butt:  When did you get that horrible bruise on your hand?

When did you get those bags under your eyes?

You aren’t sleeping.

You are a mess, Girl.

I must have done something to my knee.

When I get up, off my chair, I am in pain.

Hey!  Knee!  Knock it off.

Some of us have to carry on.

I refuse to give in.

I limp along, pretending I am in control


What a fraud I am.

But guess what?

I am here, today.

I am alive.

I wonder why, and how the heck did we all get here?

Without a definitive answer, I go about the business of life, celebrating every day, regardless of the circumstances.

Hey peeps!

Tomorrow is Friday.

I hope to connect with you again, in the morning.

Just like this morning, when I got a group hug from 2 wonderful Xerox guys, who happened to land on my planet.


No matter who we are, how we feel, or what we might be experiencing, give thanks for another day in this crazy world.

It’s all we have, so make the best of it, and above all, be kind.

Be kind to everyone.






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