Things you never knew about me…. or did you?

I have changed my birthday to 4/20.

I am a table fly.  ( as opposed to a bar fly)

Out of 7 siblings 3 are left.  One is missing and the other thinks I am nuts. I am the 3rd one, and I think I may be still alive.

Kelly serves the best breakfast, all day, Saturday.

Carol is moving to Florida and gave me 2 fur coats.  I look so hot in these coats that I can hardly stand myself.

My husband thinks he is a burden to me.  I told him he is a pia, but then again, we both are.

There are 2 cats who live here.  One is tiny, the other, huge.  Guess which one sleeps on my head?

One of my favorite movies was on TV today: Dr. Strangelove.  I seem to thrive on “dark, off the wall” humor. Guess that could be the reason for enjoying the presidential race this year.

I have a penchant for addictions.  Let the good times roll.  When your life is over, who really cares if you ate, drank or smoked your ass off?

If you can’t sing, sing anyway.  It’s all about feeling good.  Everybody needs to sing, dance,  and get stoned.

I can’t stop caring about others, sharing what I have, and just being a goof.  We all have our faults.

I have always wanted to live in NYC.  There is something about the city that makes me happy.

Working is a joy for me.  It really is. I believe it is all about how we can make a difference, no matter how small, when we interact with others.  I find people amazing, especially the difficult ones.

I can’t stop blogging, in spite of those who wish I would just shut the hell up.  I never have an agenda or a theme when I start a blog.  I just sit down, and this ridiculous nonsense oozes out of my mind.  Ok. so a couple of cocktails help.

Hey everyone!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Remember to sing and dance your heart out.

And tell those who are special to you, that you love them.






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