Things I wonder about.

Were do the dandelions go at night?

Do you really think someone baked a pie with 24 blackbirds?

If I am half in the bag, what does it take to get all in the bag?

Why is the price of gas suddenly so low?

What’s with paying taxes on social security?  Didn’t I already do that?

Is there a road in Pennsylvania without pot holes?

When the babies are born, Mom and Pop Goose immediately leave the scene with the babies. Where do they go?

Does anyone drink tap water anymore?

Why does beer taste better in a bottle, than in a can?

Does anyone really buy farm raised salmon?

If you dress up for work, is your performance improved?

When I pick up an item off a grocery store shelf, does that increase my chance of buying it?

If a kitten shows up at my door, why can’t I ignore it?

Does the naked cowboy in Times Square ever get cold?

When you wear a white sweater does it seem that the odds of spilling spaghetti sauce on it increases ten fold?

When you see your image, suddenly, in a mirror, do you wonder who in the hell is that old geezer?

Did you ever see someone in an aisle at the store and can’t think of his/her name? So you hightail it out of there?

Have you ever laughed so hard, you cried?  I mean, what’s up with that?

Do you keep clothes in your closet that are 10 years old and will never fit you again?

What is it about taking a shower that encourages you to sing?

Will I ever grow up?

I hope not.







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