There are people we meet on our way through life.

We connect with some.

But not with all.

Many are just acquaintances.

And that is ok.

And then, once in a crazy moment, we meet someone we really like.

And every time we meet, a special feeling emerges.

Hey! So happy to see you.

How was your day?

What do you think about Donald Trump, Prince and that crazy Texan who shows up at the bar, looking for Mr or Mrs Goodbar?

And then, we laugh.

He has the silliest laugh in the world.

It tickles my fancy.

His children have grown up, and have become remarkable people.

He is so proud of them.

We toast to their future, to our memories of David Bowie, Glenn Frey and of course, his pristine kitchen.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget Todd and Shirley.

Such great neighbors.

He cares about everyone.

He is charismatic.

And he is a hoot.

And after a few blasts, we leave the watering hole, to retreat into our private worlds.

I think I could talk to him for hours, and enjoy his company.

There are some people who make the world a happier, friendlier, more comfortable place.

Thanks, Brian, for being you.

What a difference you make in so many of our lives.

Hope to see you soon!



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