Saturday morning.

Oh what a hoot.

Turned on the coffee.


It’s done.


Sure looks weak.

Actually, looks like hot water.

And that is exactly what it was.

I guess I really should be sober when I get the coffee ready for the next morning.

Cats had no sympathy.

Oh Wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you.

Food in their dishes.

Not their favs.

Not so wow.

Felt slightly woozy.

Not sure why.

Oh yeah, that’s right.

I stopped for a few doubles last night.

Got a little tipsy, so had to order a nice tall glass of water before I headed home.

And then, like an idiot, opened a bottle of wine.

What the hell is wrong with me?

Going on 11am, and I am finally dressed.

Drove to Rite Aid for a prescription.

Hey!  Is that you, Carl?

What in the heck is that?

A commode?

Are you buying a commode?

Oh God, I think we are all getting far too old.

Ok, Carl, you going to stop for a cold one?

See you there, after I go shopping.

Well, shopping took 2 hours, so when I finally got to the bar, Carl had departed, with his commode.

By now, I am hungry as a bear and mean as a snake.

Garlic bread, please with cheese!

Oh yeah!

There is something about garlic that lights up my life.

Kelly and Todd at the bar.

Kelly soon to be married.

One month left of her life as she knows it.

I had to ask Todd some philosophical questions, as I sized him up for the 6 seconds he says it takes when you meet someone.

I decided he was ok.

Come on,  I have known him for longer than 6 seconds.  I think it has been at least 2 years.

Oh well, I decided, in that instance that I am really not crazy, just a silly ass.

Oh no.  I just remembered.

I have to go home, walk up a flight of stairs with at least 20 bags of groceries, and one bag of me.

By then I was loaded with garlic, orange juice and vodka.

It’s a rough job, but someone has to do it.


Eating a can of mixed nuts after a twisted doughnut, with sugar.

Oh yeah, and the rest of the wine that was just hanging out in the kitchen.

Geez, what a tiring day.


Until tomorrow,






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