Seemed that everywhere I went today, the roads were either closed, under construction, or full of pot holes.

I put 2 and 2 together and knew that it could be a  Trump trick to keep me from voting.

I mean, who wants to drive on newly blacktopped roads, hearing the tar flinging itself against the paint on your vehicle, just to cast your vote?

Hey, wait a minute!

What if I didn’t vote?

What if you didn’t vote?

What if only the fanatics voted?

Are we willing to give away our power, our privilege and our right to democracy because of a few road blocks?

So, the weather was threatening.

We are in a severe thunder storm watch until 9pm.

I worked late.

I was tired.

I had to go home and make dinner for the family and feed the furry ones.

Ok so what?

I can skip voting this time.

Who cares?

I am just one vote in a sea of millions.

And then I think of the millions of refugees fleeing their countries, under siege, enduring inhumane conditions to get to a place of safety.

Would they have complained about the pot holes and the weather and the fact that they were tired?

How many of them have risked their lives and their families to escape to a place where  they would have the privilege to choose their leaders?

Oh my fellow Americans.

Are we taking our freedom for granted?

Are we getting so soft and privileged that we have forgotten what sacrifices were made to ensure our liberty?

Did you vote?

Did you exercise your right to voice your opinion?

Or did you give away one of the most valued universal privileges that we hold dear to this country and to democracy?

I hope you stood in line for hours, surrounded by proud Americans, who may or may not agree with you.

Let the majority rule.

It’s ok.

As long as everyone has participated.

It’s the American way.

Unless you let it slip away.








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