A man’s tie.


Not sure.

Coat and tie required.


What’s the tie’s purpose?

Does it serve any function?

Is it a symbol?

Or just an ornamental piece of cloth.

Is it something we all take for granted?

Get dressed up, wear a suit, and don’t forget the tie.

Who started this tradition?

Is it the only article of men’s clothing that can be colorful?

Does it “tie” everything together?

And why do politicians wear red ties?

And business men prefer yellow ties?

Women don’t have these requirements, when we are ushered into a restaurant or a court room.

I, for one, would like to do away with the tradition.

Ties are stuffy, constricting and non essential.

Unless, of course, you would like to grab a man by the necktie and choke the hell out of him.

Oh well, I guess ties have been around for awhile, and men will continue to wear them, without question.

Thank goodness women would never go for that nonsense.


I think it started with apron strings, and mothers.

And evolved into being tied down, with wives.

They say it’s a man’s world, and the tie is a phallic symbol.

Hey, girls!

Don’t let a tie fool you.

Especially if the guy has small feet.




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