No more preaching to the choir, ok?

Shut up Minnie.

You have not engaged me in conversation for ever so long.

That’s because I hate it when my sub conscience conjures up my alter ego, and it happens to be a normal, happy, hard working individual, who loves the  Cracker Barrel and country music.

May I just say this about that?

Hey, Minnie, go ahead, you goofy idiot.

I think you should tone down your image.  I mean, who really wants to see an elderly person, taking on the role of the greeter in every bar in town? Don’t you realize you are driving the patrons away?

Yeah, so?

Perhaps, Wolf, you should limit your after hours entertainment, and grow up.

Ok, Minnie. Thanks for sharing that. ,However, your wish is not my command. I am quite happy marching to a drummer who is slightly off beat.  And I love to hang out with those who don’t quite fit a mold.  As a matter of fact, if I ever do grow up, would you please take me out back and shoot me?  I am happy being the way I am.  And if you insist on changing me, then I may have to exorcise your existence.  After all, you are only my conscience, and to be quite truthful, after a few double screw drivers, I rarely call upon you for advice and counsel.

Am I to believe that you have retrogressed to the point of debauchery?  That you prefer to hang out in your elderly years with party animals and bar flies?  That you no longer pursue the finer things in life, like playing bingo, watching TV and knitting?

Now, now, Minnie. It’s ok to be friends while pursuing a completely different life style.  It’s just that, well, we only have so many years left and I need to let it all hang out before I land in the cuckoo’s nest with the rest of you old lunatics.

I think you are an idiot, Wolf.

Thanks, Minnie.  I love you too.






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