Remember when….

  1. We had air raid drills in elementary school?

Heads down, hands over heads, crouching down, while we waited for Russia and Castro to blast us to oblivion?

2.  We had 3 TV channels, ABC,CBS and NBC.  But no TV.  We had to go to Gran’s to watch Ed Sullivan on Sunday night.

3.  Every Sunday, we gathered together for mashed potatoes, gravy and chicken.  And the kids had ice water, and the adults, a glass of Mogan David wine.

4.  Paper dolls were hot, until we evolved into parading our stuff around the neighborhood, in Mom’s high heels and prom dresses.  Geez!  We rocked.

5. Attending church was always a priority, and if we misbehaved, we got a whooping.

6.  If our parents were fighting, for whatever reason, it disrupted the lives of me and my siblings, and we would hide, together, under the bed.

7.  Money?  No. We had none. But somehow, food was always on our table.

8.  Our Auntie Nellie, who ran the switchboard at the US  Steel Company, treated us to a luncheon, every year, just before school started.  My 2 brothers and I were mesmerized as Nellie ran her control center, singing, “Pickans Mather”  or something like that.

9.  Mom had not worked in 40 years.  But she rose to the occasion when she was in her 70s, taking grocery orders over the phone, for her favorite grocery store.  I wasn’t happy about that, but she was, and she got a little feisty one day, after “working” at her job.  She told me that she had decided at age 75, that since Dad had died, she was through dating.

10.  Now I am getting to that age, approaching 70, when I have a decision to make. To grow up ?  Or to continue to be a goof?  The decision has been made, and recorded.

It is up to you to decide.






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