I have a secret place where I bask in the moonshine.

Yes, I said moonshine.

I am a table fly, at a local bar.

I go there to get rejuvenated.

In anonymity.

Not today.

My sis in law found me

Oh wow!  As my cat would say.

There she is, hanging out at her table, acting like a complete moron, after her Saturday shopping.

Ziggy!  What in the hell?

How did you find me?

Are you Sherlock Holmes, incarnated?

Or did you just follow the scent of orange juice and vodka?

At any rate, welcome to my secret garden.

Today there were 3 flowers waiting to welcome you on the eve of your birthday.

Brian, Todd and Chris.

Oh yeah, and Kelly.

What a lovely time we had.

Life can be a hoot.

And today, once again, it was.

Hey, hope you have a wonderful birthday, and if you are in the hood any time soon, look me up.

I am the bag in the corner table, eating garlic bread with cheese, and laughing my ass off.

Love you!






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