In the midnite hour, we cried no no more!

A 3 day weekend.

If you are young, Wow!

Let’s go to the Jersey Shore,  after we paint the kids’ bedroom and have a barbecue with 30 friends.

If you are old:  Wow!

Let’s sleep in, order out and watch Roots.

Whatever your age, it goes too fast.

And then we remember that it is Memorial Day.

Not only did those who served give their lives, they also gave us a day to enjoy.


A day to do whatever it is that makes you feel good.

How very fortunate we are to live in this country.

Democrat? Republican?  Independent?

It doesn’t matter.

Some gave their lives so that we can live.

I can’t think of a nobler cause.

Let the politicians fight with one another.

The rest of us know how silly that really is.

Hey everyone!

Is there someone out there who will rise above the fracas and give us the leader we need?

We cannot and will not, let those who have sacrificed their lives, to die in vain.

Is it too late to see a leader emerge in this presidential race?

Our country’s future is at stake.





We enjoy our lives because of your sacrifices

Yes, I have to admit.

My yard looks like a park.

Not many flowers, but lots of grass and trees, and bees’ knees.

So what if it is 90 degrees?

I sat on my deck, poppy topping a few, while watching the clouds in the sky.

Is that you Daniel?

Still in my pjs.

Such a brazen bum.

However, when one is approaching 7 decades, it tickles my fancy to just hang out with Mother Nature and the yellow jackets.

Hey, that’s a catchy name for a band.

A long weekend is such a pleasure.

Not that I have any plans.

I wake up.

And once it is determined that I am still alive, I give thanks for another day…. of living.. and loving.

Ok, so that is not original.

You know I am addicted to Kahlil Gibran and garlic bread with cheese.

There is a dove on the deck, trying to get in.

I think about Prince.

You up there, kiddo?

Heaven must be rocking.

The doves are not crying, but they will be …. tomorrow.

Memorial Day.

I am here, living and breathing, only because of your sacrifices.

I reflect on the meaning of this weekend, of this holiday.

I can not imagine what you have endured for me and your country.

God bless you and the United States of America.

May freedom ring!

America Rocks!



Is it possible to live and let live?


So I heard some good news.

Anna!  Welcome aboard!

Let’s celebrate.

A double please.

Decided that the State Police was waiting in the wings.

There will be check points, for those who are axxholes drinking like wild banshees.

My inner child spoke up:

Hey, you ridiculous idiot.

Go home.

Do not drink and drive.

I passed the bar. and then stopped at the one that was the most unlikely bar to be targeted.

After 3 doubles, I cruised home.

What the hell?

Whose car is that in the drive way?


You are ok?

You survived the heart attack?

Is everything ok?

Is that you? Correy?

We talk, laugh, and share a hoagie.

3 hours later…


The chicken butt is so damn loaded.i

I am on the floor.

I have a giant garbage bag full of food and whatever.

Michael plucks me out of the abyss.

Oh if only life was as exciting as everytime we meet.


I had a very strange day.

May I kiss your forehead, you old goat?

Can someone please take me out back and shoot me?

More importantly, we are all still alive,….

Can’t we all just forget our differences and get our family back on track?

We are all goofy, but we all love one another.


Waiting…  Let’s just do it!







The bus driver wants you two to quiet down….. or else

Well, another year is about to turn…. for MCat.

I wonder, yes, I wonder, will anyone ever see her on the minute she “turns” into another year, another hemisphere, another zone?

Reflecting on the years I have known this crazy woman, it started way back in 2004.

Each time I would run into her, she made me laugh.

I wondered who or what this ridiculously hilarious woman was all about.

We went to lunch occasionally, with others, and I always found her to be a hoot.

When I was moved to a new cubicle, there was MC, across from me, over the partition, and I think that is when we started to click.

She was nuts.

I was nutser.

Is that a word?  Nutser?

We trekked down on Friday nights to the local pub with the young crowd.

She fit in.

I can’t say I did.

As the years passed, we decided to dine once a month.

Oh My!

Those nights were something else.

We ate, drank, and laughed up a storm.

Another 4 or 5 years passed, and I got assigned to the accounts that MC managed.

Well, from then on, we realized that we happened to be the oldest, craziest two people in the facility and started to make plans to take on NYC. And that we did.

Traveling with MC is really a delightful experience.

She does her thing.

I do mine.

She puts up with me.

I get blitzed and get lost and she rescues me.

Once in awhile, however, she has been known to disappear from sight.

Never fear.

I pick up the phone, order 2 beers and she suddenly appears.

Our trip to Minnesota was a classic.

But that’s another story.

For now,  let me just say this about that:

Happy Birthday,  you crazy goof.

Can’t wait for our next trip.



Chicken B.

A job vs a career

Sometimes, the manic side of my personality takes a dive and I take life seriously.

I will let you in on a little secret:  When I was in school, the teachers used to say that I would succeed in this life, because I took everything so seriously.

What in the hell happened?

Work hard, they said and you will succeed.

Work is serious business.

There is no time for laughing and socializing.

At 16 years old, a Junior in High School, the Bell System got ahold of me.

Boot camp at Ma Bell was all about discipline, restraint, and conformance.

Somehow, I managed to scoot through the system, as a rebel, rising up the ladder to the point where I could affect others.

Oh my.

What a mistake.

The core values just didn’t do it for me.

Strict discipline.

No chatting with co workers.

Keep your conversations with customers to 21 seconds.

There is no excuse for being late.

No flex time.

Work every holiday.

If you have a family, and your child is sick, arrange for alternative care.

You are needed, on the job, on your job, every day, without exception, come rain, shine or 4 occurrences.

On one hand, I enjoyed working with people.

On the other, I just couldn’t treat people like robots.

As the years passed, I grew more and more dysfunctional.

And finally quit.

The traditional people said: “Good, that goof is gone.”

Those who knew there had to be another way, were disappointed, and thought I had abandoned them.

I took a customer service job at 1/4 my salary, serving customers every day, in my own way, making them feel special and valued.  And I loved it.

16 years later, I am still loving it.

Moral of the story?

There is a difference between a job and a career.

Find what it is that makes you feel good, challenges you to do better and allows you the freedom to succeed.

And go for it.


Yes, I am.

But girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl,  I just can’t get much higher.





Just be you!

Ok, I think I read it in the Catcher in the Rye:  Don’t be a goof.  If you play with your pp, it will fall off.  It didn’t.

Then, I heard that if it rained on your wedding day, it was good luck.   It did, rain, that is.  Wrong again.

Later, when I was a young fox, with an up and coming career, I heard, it was ok to drink martinis at a company event. And then, after being chased by my nude boss, around a pool in a resort, I decided to give up martinis and my job.

Moved on to another venue, where the theatre and the orchestral groups joined forces.  Musicians and actors:  A lethal group. And I thought my nude boss was outrageous.

Decided to settle down. Got a job that put me on the track to success. Geez!  Here we go again.  The 70s and 80s were the age of indulgence. Do what feels good. And I thought Woodstock was bad.

Ok, so I finally broke down, went to the well, and fell apart.  Who, what, why, when and all that jazz.

Gave up on the wild life.

Moved to the East Coast, and fell into a traditional role.

A single woman, with ambition, aging, yes, and a very nice job.

Met the man who was born to be wild.

Married him, in a fever, with only bojangles as a witness.

Ups, downs, highs, lows, but mostly highs.

And through the years, even the wild ones settle down, to a dull roar.

Now, in the autumn of my years, reflecting on my life:


  1.  Never give up.
  2. Go for it.
  3. Enjoy.
  4. Laugh.
  5. Life is crazy.
  6. I am crazier.
  7. If you wake up tomorrow, give it your best shot.
  8. Connect with others.
  9. So what if you have a bad day?
  10. If you play with your pp……. hahahahahah.

See?  It all comes down to that damn Catcher in the Rye.


Another chance to move on, to add number 11 to the list.

And what could number 11 possibly be?

This is a little known fact, and possibly the key to happiness.

For you, I am, on this night, May 24, 2016, revealing to the world, the secret to happiness:

Drum roll:

Ta da!!!!!

Be yourself.

You are most likely, the most amazing person you will meet in your life.

And if you believe that, so will everyone else!






The Ultimatum

The Doctor has the Nurse call me:

We will refill your blood pressure pills just this time.

After that you will have to make an appointment to see the Doctor.

Oh, and how come you haven’t had those tests taken that were recommended?

I pause.


OH yeah, Uhm, well,I am not sure why I have to take those tests.  I am not having any issues, and I am doing ok without them.

Women over the age of 50 should have those tests once a year.

Well, I have not had “those tests”: for over a decade, so I am not all that keen about starting now.

We referred you to a couple of specialists last year.  Have you made appointments?

Actually, no.  I called the Urologist and he wanted me to schedule a battery of tests, so I declined.

What about the cardiologist?

Oh yeah, I saw him.

When? We don’t have a record of it.

No, you don’t.  I went to NYC for the appointment.  And he thought I was a kook, and he told me to go home and keep a diary of how I am feeling.

Are you?

Well, usually, after work, I stop and have a few blasts, and by the time I get home, I forget all about a diary, along with most everything else.

You need to come in here and have a blood test within the next month, or we will no longer fill your prescriptions.

Oh yeah?  Well, I hear that once a person is on blood pressure medications, they should not stop, so if I don’t make it in to see you and I drop dead, then what?

Can I put you on hold?  I think you should talk to the Doctor.

No, that’s ok, just tell her I need my meds.  And if and when I get sick, I will be in touch.






Who’s in control?

Saturday.  Yes!  Finally a day to sleep in.

3am: Up.

What the hell?

The cat got sick.

Now he wants to go out.

Oh no!

It can’t be 3am.

I refuse to turn on the coffee.

Waiting…. waiting for the cat to come in.

4am:  You know what, Half Pint?  I am not waiting for you this time.

It is Saturday, not Caturday.

I am going back to bed and hoping I can get back to sleep.

5am, 6am, 7am, I am awake, in between “cat” naps.

I am having night mares about Half Pint, out in the rain, trying to communicate with me:

“O Wow!”

“O Wow!”

“O Wow wow!”

He does that now, two wows, after the O.

Something kicks in.  I think it is called exhaustion, and I sleep til 9am.

He is out there, on the deck.

He pretends he is not sure if he wants to come in or not.

He marches out to the kitchen, and won’t say “O Wow.”

Puff Daddy follows him.

She is in heat again, howling her ass off.

I feed them.

They are indignant, glancing at me with that look, insinuating:  “Why didn’t you get up as you always do, every day at 5am and feed us?”

I refuse to apologize.

They line up beside me, hunched over like camels, staring at me.

I try to ignore them.

I can’t.
What?  What now?

No answer.

I feed them one more time.

10 minutes after they just ate.

I finally escape at noon, to go grocery shopping.

I head for the cat food.

He likes gravy, she likes liver and chicken.

Don’t forget the temptations.

I leave the store at 1pm and head for my watering hole.

Breakfast please.

Garlic bread, with cheese and a few orange drinks.

When I get home, the two of them are waiting.

Here we go again.

Oh Wow Wow!

I forget that these two are the “catalysts” behind my working beyond a reasonable age.

They drive me to drink.

To drink, I work.

End of story…. almost.

Just one more comment:

Oh Wow!




Some questions have no answers

Do you say Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pricot?  Or appppricot?

When you run into someone from Louisiana, and you are from New York, can you carry on a meaningful conversation?  and can you understand the lyrics in a Credence Clearwater song?

Why the symbols, elephant and donkey for the Republican and Democratic parties?  And what is the symbol for an Independent?  Could it be chicken butt?

Where do the dandelions go in June?

If you are asked to go to a party and you don’t want to go, and if it’s your bff asking, do you go?

Would you lie under oath to protect a loved one?

Would you go to dinner in a fancy restaurant by yourself?  Or would you walk into a bar alone?

If you are offered a job, and it pays more than your current one, is that enough to make you switch?

What bothers you more:  A spoiled child or an abused animal?

Let’s say you won $1 million in the lottery.  What then?

You realize that Cher, Hillary, Eric Clapton, Mick J, and the Donald are in their 70s.  At what age do you think they will retire?

There are 3 primary motivators:  To win, to feel no pain and to be right. Which is your motivator?

If you are married, and you said:  For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do us part…. which of these causes the most marriages to fail?  Or do failed marriages have anything to do with these oaths?

Have you embraced the stages of your life, while all the time, comforting your inner child?

Hey, Hank!  Why do you drink?  Why do you blow smoke?

OK, getting slightly out of control here, folks.

No more questions for tonight.

Just popping in to say, Have a great weekend.  Make the most of every minute!





It’s up to you, but choose wisely.

Do not go out tonight.

A werewolf is on the prowl.

Looking for Mr Goodbar.

While eating Chinese at Trader Vics.

Just kidding.

I need to fill you in on a secret.

I sit down, at the computer, after I have indulged in a few blasts, at the bar.

Somehow, I seem to run into the craziest people on the planet.

But in reality, they are just figments of my imagination

Throughout the decades, my heroes have changed.

And today, reflecting on my day, I really wonder what the  hell it was all about.

A plane crashed.

Donald is leading Hill, in the polls.

Monsanto is the anti Christ.

I ate oatmeal, for the 3rd day in a row, for breakfast, trying to avoid chomping on my decaying crown.

I like my dentist, but I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain?  After all, my limit on dental activity is $1500.  And my bridge, over troubled waters? Well let’s just say:  I just might be working for another 10 years, to solidify my smile.

What?  At 80, I should care?

Let’s just say that I love the drama and the sensationalism of the media:

Breaking news:   Hill and Bill booked a room at Trump Towers.

They ordered room service.

Donald refused to serve the rapist and his wife.

Bernie threw a chair through the lobby window,

While Milania was featured on QVC, selling her jewelry.

When asked if Milania would make a good First Lady, Donald said:


In 100 years, will it really matter if Donald gets the nomination or not?

Think about it.

Your vote does matter.

Your vote can and will make the difference.