Lions and Tigers and Ziggies, oh my!

Yes, I said Ziggies.

It’s the Zigster’s birthday today.

She might be 29 or 39 or 109. Who really cares?

She is Ziggy.

No definition can describe her.

She is the one who is there when you need her.

She makes you laugh when the world seems to be unraveling.

She will hang out in the mall, with toilet paper hanging out of her slacks, while the two of you laugh your asses off.

She can whip up the world’s best spaghetti and meat sauce, turkey and dressing or a scrumptious tuna sandwich.

She is the world’s best grandmother, mother, friend and sister in law.

She loves the ocean, rare steaks and hair spray.

She is as much as home in NYC as she is in rural Hunterdon County, NJ.

She is warm and loving, but never a push over.

How very fortunate for me, to have married into her family.

Love you Zig!

Happy birthday!

Let me know when you feel like being goofy again.

I will be waiting!




Chicken B.



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