The 5th day of the 5th month of the year 2016.

Mercury is in retrograde.

Donald is the “choice” of the conservative party.  Excuse me, what the hell happened to the GOP?  Hmmm.  As ZZ Top says  “, Have mercy
A haw, haw, haw, haw, a haw”  

….. But I might be mistaken……

Carol P is retiring tomorrow, after 40 years at one job and 8 at this one.  If anyone deserves to retire, she does.

I walked around with a whoopee cushion this afternoon.  Yes, I have a wild streak that cannot be tamed.

Aggie is recovering.  She is awesome!.  Sometimes I think attitude has the most influence in recovery. Besides, she needs to get home to Sweetie Pie, and to  her loving family.

Dana is celebrating a birthday tomorrow.  She and I are the last 2 goofs who worked together in another life and have survived the past 12 years together, in this one.  Dana is truly the most efficient, hardest working, amazing person, I have worked with in my career.  Love that girl.

Got to eat lunch today with Kat and Frank.  I have never have had lunch with those 2 before today.   I had a wonderful time, reminiscing about the crazy times we have been through.  There was Kat, eating her raw veggies, Frank, eating his chicken, and the Chicken Butt eating everything except her veggies.  I never could resist pizza and hot wings.  Oh, and then I went back and had pecan pie with whipped cream.    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.   oink.

My local pub was featuring Cinco De Mayo specials.  Naturally, I had to stop. After a few doubles, I carried out 6 tacos and rice.  Ok.  One more time.  Oink.

All in all, I had a delightful day.  Now I think I will put on some lipstick. However, as it’s been said, “You can put lipstick on a pig… but the pig is still a pig.”   Oink oink.   Ok, tomorrow, I will go on a strict diet.  And forget about the lipstick.  Oh wait!  I heard lipstick now comes in flavors!   Like hot fudge?  Yes!









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