Took a day off.

I mean, why not?

I am old, senile, and goofy.

Lounged around half the day, until I got a burst of energy, and whipped up a gourmet lunch of tomato soup and tuna sandwiches.

On my way to the grocery 1pm.

Geez.  I wonder what it’s like to shop on a Monday afternoon.

Guess what?

Same old story.

As I paraded around the paddock….. Ooops, I mean the grocery store, in my horse hat, I encountered those wealthy women who stroll around the store, stuffing flower arrangements and organic fruit in their carts.

My horse and I galloped to the check out to get the heck out of there, before the liquor store closed.

Dolly and I went down the stretch to our watering hole, where we indulged on water, orange juice, hootch and garlic bread…. with cheese.

Chris and Chris sauntered in, shaking their heads.  I mean, who allows a horse in a bar?

Dolly insisted on playing the juke box:  Pinball Wizard and Hotel California, until I had finished my 3rd double, asking someone to please take me out back  and shoot me.


Had to fix another gourmet meal for Howard.  Boiled hot dogs with mustard and relish. Do you have any idea how hard it is to open a jar of relish?

I heard a rumor.

Tomorrow is Tuesday.

Howard has not asked me to take another day off.

I wonder why?

Someone once said: Life is over, once you reach the age of 30.

I have modified that statement.

Life is over when you no longer have fun.

If you like pina coladas, jameson and horsing around, see you tomorrow in our watering hole.


Dolly and Wolly.   (aka Woofy)


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