Time out!

Thanks to you who make me feel special, each and every day:

  1.   Barb: You do not know who wonderful it is to hear your laugh.
  2.   Oz:  All you have to do is show up, and I am happy.
  3.   Mcat:  Hey, show me your yo yo, or your hula hoop.  It doesn’t matter, You always make me laugh my ass off.
  4. YiDalia:  I love your chicken.  And you are ok, too. hahahahah
  5. Dana:  If only you and I could get away for a night with Jameson.
  6. Shirley:  I have to ask: Have you ever seen….. Ok, I won’t continue, if you promise not to call me Shirley.
  7. Beav:  You promised we would always be in the backroom, together.  Are your pants on fire?
  8. Pat:  Hello, my dear friend. Oh, by the way, Shut up, Pat!
  9. Erica:  Forgive my ignorance, but does the formulary go on the bottom or on the top?
  10. Gina:  The last recorded time you ate was 4 years ago.  So, how come you are gaining so much weight

So, those are  just 10 of those who share my wonderful working world:

More to follow …..





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