I am planning a heist.

Hey, Aggie, put on those wild  hot pink leggings and your tunic sweater.

I am picking you up after work tomorrow.

You and I are gonna blow that hospital pop stand.

We will be headed to Mary’s new apartment, where we will be staying for the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Think about it.

The 4 of us, ordering Chinese, acting like old hippies and entertaining the wee beastie, Harry G.

Yes, HG is one of the 4 horsemen of Emmaus.

Anyway, I hear you are looking good, feeling good and ready to rock and roll.

I will bring my pink Floyd and Tom Petty albums, if you will get your doc to supply some much needed medical mj.

And we will drive Mary absolutely bonkers as we indulge in heavy duty debates over the upcoming presidential campaign.

When Mary finally moves out or kicks us out, we will move on to Kat’s korner.

Hey, Kat!  How about some baked Brussels sprouts and a good old Papa Johns double cheese pizza?

I have a feeling that at some point, Aggie, you and I will be pampered silly.  You, because you are awesome.  Me, because I am a PIA, and a loose cannon.  Or is it a canon?  Come on, Aggie.  Don’t hate me because I am a crappy speller.

Ok.  So, when the summer is over, and Kat and Barry finally throw us out, how about going on a cruise?

We could hang out in a boat with an unlimited dessert tray.


You could be released from the hospital soon, back home, reunited with SP and your family, happy as a clam.


In reality…..

Glad to hear you are feeling better, Ag.

And if you need an adventure, even one that is only in the third dimension, let’s get together, and celebrate your recovery and my dementia.







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