Can we talk?

You don’t like me very much, do you?


How do I know?

I am a little off the wall, and I think you prefer someone slightly more predictable.

No, I don’t hang on everything you say, and think it is marvelous.

You and I?

Well, we are what we are.

I enjoy being around you.

But there are times, I need to be by myself.


Your position in life is superior to mine?

And I should recognize that?


I am a bum.

You aren’t.


You don’t agree with everything I say?

Thank goodness.

I feel the same.


You think pets are superior to people?

Sorry, but I don’t agree.

I love my pets, and they probably love me more than any person/people I know, but I thrive on relationships.

You think I am what?

Old and on my way out?

So what?

Does that make me any less valuable?

Do I want to compete with you?

I wouldn’t dream of it.

Besides, you have youth, and I have wisdom, so you may have the stamina, but I have the common sense to sleep on any decisions, and if…. I said if, I wake up, I just might be able to persuade you that life is all about the old, the young, the good, the bad, the options, the choices, and the decisions we make.

Hey, it is a lovely night.

The weather is cool 54 degrees.

Let’s light a fire, in the fire pit and share a beer, and tell ghost stories.

Or better yet, tell each other real stories.

And enjoy our differences.


I don’t think you like me, but you haven’t had the chance to kick back and talk.

So, may I ask, once again:  Can we talk?




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