Do not go out tonight.

A werewolf is on the prowl.

Looking for Mr Goodbar.

While eating Chinese at Trader Vics.

Just kidding.

I need to fill you in on a secret.

I sit down, at the computer, after I have indulged in a few blasts, at the bar.

Somehow, I seem to run into the craziest people on the planet.

But in reality, they are just figments of my imagination

Throughout the decades, my heroes have changed.

And today, reflecting on my day, I really wonder what the  hell it was all about.

A plane crashed.

Donald is leading Hill, in the polls.

Monsanto is the anti Christ.

I ate oatmeal, for the 3rd day in a row, for breakfast, trying to avoid chomping on my decaying crown.

I like my dentist, but I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain?  After all, my limit on dental activity is $1500.  And my bridge, over troubled waters? Well let’s just say:  I just might be working for another 10 years, to solidify my smile.

What?  At 80, I should care?

Let’s just say that I love the drama and the sensationalism of the media:

Breaking news:   Hill and Bill booked a room at Trump Towers.

They ordered room service.

Donald refused to serve the rapist and his wife.

Bernie threw a chair through the lobby window,

While Milania was featured on QVC, selling her jewelry.

When asked if Milania would make a good First Lady, Donald said:


In 100 years, will it really matter if Donald gets the nomination or not?

Think about it.

Your vote does matter.

Your vote can and will make the difference.








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