Do you say Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pricot?  Or appppricot?

When you run into someone from Louisiana, and you are from New York, can you carry on a meaningful conversation?  and can you understand the lyrics in a Credence Clearwater song?

Why the symbols, elephant and donkey for the Republican and Democratic parties?  And what is the symbol for an Independent?  Could it be chicken butt?

Where do the dandelions go in June?

If you are asked to go to a party and you don’t want to go, and if it’s your bff asking, do you go?

Would you lie under oath to protect a loved one?

Would you go to dinner in a fancy restaurant by yourself?  Or would you walk into a bar alone?

If you are offered a job, and it pays more than your current one, is that enough to make you switch?

What bothers you more:  A spoiled child or an abused animal?

Let’s say you won $1 million in the lottery.  What then?

You realize that Cher, Hillary, Eric Clapton, Mick J, and the Donald are in their 70s.  At what age do you think they will retire?

There are 3 primary motivators:  To win, to feel no pain and to be right. Which is your motivator?

If you are married, and you said:  For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do us part…. which of these causes the most marriages to fail?  Or do failed marriages have anything to do with these oaths?

Have you embraced the stages of your life, while all the time, comforting your inner child?

Hey, Hank!  Why do you drink?  Why do you blow smoke?

OK, getting slightly out of control here, folks.

No more questions for tonight.

Just popping in to say, Have a great weekend.  Make the most of every minute!






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