The Doctor has the Nurse call me:

We will refill your blood pressure pills just this time.

After that you will have to make an appointment to see the Doctor.

Oh, and how come you haven’t had those tests taken that were recommended?

I pause.


OH yeah, Uhm, well,I am not sure why I have to take those tests.  I am not having any issues, and I am doing ok without them.

Women over the age of 50 should have those tests once a year.

Well, I have not had “those tests”: for over a decade, so I am not all that keen about starting now.

We referred you to a couple of specialists last year.  Have you made appointments?

Actually, no.  I called the Urologist and he wanted me to schedule a battery of tests, so I declined.

What about the cardiologist?

Oh yeah, I saw him.

When? We don’t have a record of it.

No, you don’t.  I went to NYC for the appointment.  And he thought I was a kook, and he told me to go home and keep a diary of how I am feeling.

Are you?

Well, usually, after work, I stop and have a few blasts, and by the time I get home, I forget all about a diary, along with most everything else.

You need to come in here and have a blood test within the next month, or we will no longer fill your prescriptions.

Oh yeah?  Well, I hear that once a person is on blood pressure medications, they should not stop, so if I don’t make it in to see you and I drop dead, then what?

Can I put you on hold?  I think you should talk to the Doctor.

No, that’s ok, just tell her I need my meds.  And if and when I get sick, I will be in touch.







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