Well, another year is about to turn…. for MCat.

I wonder, yes, I wonder, will anyone ever see her on the minute she “turns” into another year, another hemisphere, another zone?

Reflecting on the years I have known this crazy woman, it started way back in 2004.

Each time I would run into her, she made me laugh.

I wondered who or what this ridiculously hilarious woman was all about.

We went to lunch occasionally, with others, and I always found her to be a hoot.

When I was moved to a new cubicle, there was MC, across from me, over the partition, and I think that is when we started to click.

She was nuts.

I was nutser.

Is that a word?  Nutser?

We trekked down on Friday nights to the local pub with the young crowd.

She fit in.

I can’t say I did.

As the years passed, we decided to dine once a month.

Oh My!

Those nights were something else.

We ate, drank, and laughed up a storm.

Another 4 or 5 years passed, and I got assigned to the accounts that MC managed.

Well, from then on, we realized that we happened to be the oldest, craziest two people in the facility and started to make plans to take on NYC. And that we did.

Traveling with MC is really a delightful experience.

She does her thing.

I do mine.

She puts up with me.

I get blitzed and get lost and she rescues me.

Once in awhile, however, she has been known to disappear from sight.

Never fear.

I pick up the phone, order 2 beers and she suddenly appears.

Our trip to Minnesota was a classic.

But that’s another story.

For now,  let me just say this about that:

Happy Birthday,  you crazy goof.

Can’t wait for our next trip.



Chicken B.


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