So I heard some good news.

Anna!  Welcome aboard!

Let’s celebrate.

A double please.

Decided that the State Police was waiting in the wings.

There will be check points, for those who are axxholes drinking like wild banshees.

My inner child spoke up:

Hey, you ridiculous idiot.

Go home.

Do not drink and drive.

I passed the bar. and then stopped at the one that was the most unlikely bar to be targeted.

After 3 doubles, I cruised home.

What the hell?

Whose car is that in the drive way?


You are ok?

You survived the heart attack?

Is everything ok?

Is that you? Correy?

We talk, laugh, and share a hoagie.

3 hours later…


The chicken butt is so damn loaded.i

I am on the floor.

I have a giant garbage bag full of food and whatever.

Michael plucks me out of the abyss.

Oh if only life was as exciting as everytime we meet.


I had a very strange day.

May I kiss your forehead, you old goat?

Can someone please take me out back and shoot me?

More importantly, we are all still alive,….

Can’t we all just forget our differences and get our family back on track?

We are all goofy, but we all love one another.


Waiting…  Let’s just do it!








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