A 3 day weekend.

If you are young, Wow!

Let’s go to the Jersey Shore,  after we paint the kids’ bedroom and have a barbecue with 30 friends.

If you are old:  Wow!

Let’s sleep in, order out and watch Roots.

Whatever your age, it goes too fast.

And then we remember that it is Memorial Day.

Not only did those who served give their lives, they also gave us a day to enjoy.


A day to do whatever it is that makes you feel good.

How very fortunate we are to live in this country.

Democrat? Republican?  Independent?

It doesn’t matter.

Some gave their lives so that we can live.

I can’t think of a nobler cause.

Let the politicians fight with one another.

The rest of us know how silly that really is.

Hey everyone!

Is there someone out there who will rise above the fracas and give us the leader we need?

We cannot and will not, let those who have sacrificed their lives, to die in vain.

Is it too late to see a leader emerge in this presidential race?

Our country’s future is at stake.





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