Oh, the canvas can do miracles Just you wait and see

Listening to Christopher Cross, “Sailing”, on the way to work.

What ever happened to him, anyway?

He had a few hits, that soared in the charts and then he disappeared.

Or how about The Looking Glass’ “Brandy”?  Jim used to hear them practice that tune in New Jersey, back in the 70s, from their garage.  Great song.  And it is still being played on the classic oldies radio.  And then? What happened to them?

I looked around me, in the office, and thought about all the people that I have worked with in the past 12 years.  Most of them no longer keep in touch with me.  They have moved on with their lives.  We worked side by side for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, some for several years.  I wonder if they think of the close ties we once had.

Life is like that, I guess.

What happens to people, to songs, to traditions, as the years pass by?

If we have the opportunity to get together with our coworkers, after several months have passed, will it be the same?

When we hear the song that we thought was fabulous back in the 70s, will it sound just as fabulous today?

Are we more likely to develop  new relationships with those who work with us , today, here and now, than we are with those who once were so close to us?

Adaptability. Resilience. Flexibility.  Oh how we humans can bounce back, learn to accept change, and to welcome those in our current circle.  After a few weeks, or months, we ease back into our comfort zones with those who are left behind.

Until, of course, another leaves.

The cycle begins again.

I think as one gets older, there is a tendency to fight and regret change, but it is beyond our control, if we want to stay in the game.

Hello. Goodbye.  I will never forget you.  I will keep in touch.  It won’t be the same without you.

Life and friendship, like a favorite song is like a warm summer’s day.  It feels good. And then, in an instant, it can and will change.

We cannot capture time and hold it for very long.

And we cannot predict what changes will affect our lives.

For me, if given another day, 24 hours to live on this planet, I resolve to do my best to enjoy every moment of that day, to make the most of it, and to pass along good vibes to others.

Oh yeah, and to listen to some of those classic rock, one hit wonders, and to bask in the warm summer memories of those days of my youth.







Tuesday ramblings

Tuesday highlights.

It wasn’t Monday.

Plan A failed, but Plan B is moving along.  I love it when there is agreement and a solution to a problem.

Met a coworker, in the sales department, in person, after many conversations on the phone.  Geez he is only a kid.

Felt the humidity drift away after a torrential rain fall.

Shared “zapper” stories with a friend.  Seems we both love to hunt down and zap flies, in the house.

Didn’t quite know what to have for lunch when left over pizzas, from a training session showed up.

Wore my ridiculous horse hat this afternoon, just for the hell of it.

Enjoyed my role as a greeter this morning, meeting 20 or 25 people.

Made a decision to change my doctor.  Yes, I miss my doc who retired a few years ago.  After attempting to bond with 2 docs since then, I, like Bono, still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

I miss reading on my lunch hour, but I need to continue to drive home, whenever I can, to check on Jim and the cats.

UPS delivered my rubber chicken purse today.  What a hoot.  Can’t wait til I get the chicken knee highs.

Mixed feelings about my role on my account at work.  Hate to see the breakup of the company.  I will miss so many that I have known for years.

On a hot, humid night, had 2 cold beers over ice and loved it.

Until tomorrow,





Long live the Queen.

The email started with:

You should now be free of pain, and back to normal.

It was from the dentist.

First of all, I have never been exactly normal.

And the pain?  Hey, I had that wisdom tooth for at least 40 years.

I need time for grieving.

“Remember to floss and brush your new crowns, at least twice a day.”

Or else?

Forget it.  I don’t want to know.

So, in a few days, I go back.

This time for another crown and a filling.

I really should get a throne, don’t you think?  To go along with all my crowns?

The strangest part of my treks to the dental office is that the original problem has yet to be addressed.

I lost a crown.

I found it on the floor.

I carried it in my pocket and when the dentist saw it, she immediately put on rubber gloves and a mask.

What the hell?

Anyway, it is back in my mouth.

However, I am not supposed to floss it.

Not supposed to eat anything near it.

Not supposed to disturb that precarious crown.

Meanwhile, the damn thing is super glued, while I get crowns everywhere else.

Do you know what it’s like not to eat a crisp apple?  A slice of pizza?  A bagel loaded with cream cheese?  An ear of sweet corn?  A can of cashews?

I stopped by the bar for a beer on the way home and it was wing night.  The people were chomping on those crispy wings, while I sipped a beer from a glass of ice, from a straw, not to disturb the royal crown.

For now, I am holding on to my title of queenie, and will be enjoying the royal duty of flossing my ass off, before heading to bed.

Until tomorrow,




Sunshine on my zapper makes me happy

It’s time to destroy the enemy.

Armed with my zapper and a beer, out to the deck I went.

Come on, yellow jackets, flies and skeeters.

I am ready.

Waited, patiently, for 2 hours.

As soon as one of the critters would fly by, I pushed the zap button, enticing them to fly in harm’s way.

One yellow jacket.

Yes, one.

He flew into the zapper, not once but three times, before he was history.

4 beers later, I am still waiting.

Do you know what it is like to be sitting on a hot deck, with a zapper, on a Sunday, waiting for an insect to show up?

Let me tell you:  If I did not have the zapper, they would be all over me.

Who says these insects aren’t smart?

Just like the birds.

I see them flying around, enjoying themselves, singing, chirping and soaring, laughing at me attempts to destroy Mother Nature’s pests.

Ok. Enough said.

I only got one yellow jacket.

I am hot, sunburned and half in the bag.

I think I like this zapper.

I am becoming passionate about it.

Who cares if I zap anything?

It’s a gorgeous summer day.

It gets me outside.

Oh yeah, and then there are the beers.







Is there a doctor in the house?

Hello Doctors in the Lehigh Valley:

I am looking for a new health provider.

May I list my requirements?

  1. Don’t order unnecessary tests for me.  I won’t take them.
  2. My family has no common theme, in their histories.  They died from a myriad of things.
  3. I will not take those bone strengthening pills.  After several years, my teeth started dissolving.
  4. I have a history of high blood pressure and panic disorder. Are you willing to prescribe the meds?
  5. I won’t schedule appointments, unless I decide it is necessary.
  6. I am sitting in the sun, to alleviate psoriasis, and to flood me with vitamin D. Don’t prescribe heavy doses of Vitamin D.  I won’t take it.
  7. My doctor or 24 years retired.  I wish he hadn’t.  I would schedule an appointment every 6 months or so, He would ask me if I wanted to take any tests or get a flu shot or whatever.  I always declined, letting him know that I am waiting for medical marijuana.
  8. I work full time.  I hate being sick.  I am a positive person, and when I have a problem, I will schedule an appointment.
  9. I stop every night for a night cap or two. Yes, I self medicate.
  10. I am an unusually silly person, who loves life, even in my twilight years.

If you like pina coladas….

Ok, wrong song.

If you want a new patient who could possibly be the worst one you have ever had, I’m the girl that you dreamed of……Meet me at a bar called O’Malleys, where we will plan our escape.





Oh oh. Another epistle from the Chx. Butt

Sometimes, the little things make a difference.

Too simple?


It’s all about how one interacts with others.

If you don’t believe me, you may want to test out this theory.

Here are a few of the Chicken Butt’s beliefs.

  1.  Greet others, friends, coworkers and strangers with a smile.
  2.  Be generous with compliments and gentle with criticism.
  3. Find a common bond.
  4. Acknowledge and celebrate the success of others.
  5. Find a way to make positive things happen.
  6. Don’t wait for others to ask for help.  Observe, recognize and acknowledge those needs.
  7. Remember that your priorities can only be accomplished if you engage and convince others to act on them.  You can rarely accomplish them on your own.
  8. Check your behavior when you are stressed.  Your true character will be exposed.
  9. Actively listen to others.  It is one of the most important things you will do.
  10. Have some fun.  Laugh.  Enjoy. Be yourself.

Oh yes, there will be those who say, “Yeah?  So what? How trite.  Did you morph into the personal of Mary Poppins? Or have you been drinking again?”

Yes, yes, and yes.

But it works.




People keep on learnin’ ‘Cause it won’t be too long

I believe in learning something new every day.

This week I have learned:

Monday:  Never schedule a dental appointment for 3 hours.  I mean, what?  Are you crazy?

Tuesday:  Work:  You come up with a perfect plan.  You coordinate with your customer and are feeling good, and then all hell breaks out.  Lesson learned?   When you start to feel complacent, watch out.  Nothing is constant nor perfect.

Wednesday:  Your cat decides to exercise his independence, staying out all night.  You get very little sleep, you worry about skunks, possums and ground hogs, along with all those other wee beasties that are preying on him.  At 7am, he saunters in, eats, yawns, and goes to sleep. You go to work. Lesson:  Cats will be cats.

Thursday:  Your phone and computer take a hit.  Hello?  Help desk?  I have no phone nor computer. Answer?  We will work on it.  Can we call you or email you if we have any questions?  Huh? Duh?  What? Lesson?  Do not sit in the front cube, in customer service. It is jinxed.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Sheeda is off.  I will be the unofficial greeter of the office, giving out badges and all that jazz.  Oh, I need to share a secret.  Sheeda has special badges that she gives out to those who need access to the warehouse.  Not the chicken butt.  When the cute guys arrive, I tell them I am fresh out of badges, but I will be happy to escort them wherever they need to go.  Yes, once a cougar, always a cougar.

Until tomorrow, keep learning.






Ranting can feel good.

Ok, I am a little bit tired of this presidential campaign.

And I am tired of my doctor holding me hostage with my blood pressure meds, until I cave in and schedule 5 tests.

Moving along, it is tiring to get a message from my home owner’s insurance company telling me I can save $500 a year, if I will change my auto insurance.  To them, of course.  And, the coverage on the auto insurance is no where close to the coverage I currently have.

The waste management company changes the day of pickup and doesn’t advise me.  When I question if there is something I need to know, they claim I didn’t answer my phone, when they tried to call me.  Hmm.  They send my bill over email, but they can’t email a change in the pickup?

The electric company is sending me urgent letters:  Your outside wires are unprotected.  Yeah?  So now what?  If something happens to those wires, you are not covered.  I have lived here for over 20 years and have only had one incident: the squirrels ate the phone line, and to be quite honest, every time we have a blizzard or a wind storm, the power goes out, here, in the boonies.  Another urgent letter today:  Sign up for outside wire protection or else.   Ok.  Or else.

I order perfume from Macys.  They are sending me a gift, with a purchase.   A 7 piece gift with your choice of a lipstick. Ok.  I choose pink.  The perfume is delivered and a tube of lipstick.  I email Macys:  Uhm.  I got the order, but no 7 piece gift. Just the lipstick. They respond: Send that lipstick back. Right now.  If you don’t we will charge you for it.  I look at the order:  Perfume:   $78.  7 piece gift with lipstick:  $0.  Another email: We are sending you the 7 piece gift. Just return the lipstick.  I write back: Keep the damn 7 pieces and the lipstick.  I ain’t returning anything.  They reply:  Then we will be forced to charge you for the lipstick.  Charge:  $0.

So, bottom line?

I will hope for a miracle in the presidential arena.

A change of doctor is on the horizon.

I am checking out alternative trash collectors.

No way am I signing a contract for protecting a wire.

Macy’s can kiss my axx.  I still have that pink lipstick.

Life is a hoot, isn’t it?

I love a good rant.





An ordinary day of extraordinary reflection

Sometimes it happens.

You just sit down at the computer.

Let your fingers do the walking.

And magic bursts forth.

You have absolutely nothing in your mind that you want to say.

It just happens when the rubber meets the road.

Ok, when the fingers hit the key board.

The day unfolds in your mind.

You put together all the moments, feeling the highs and lows, the good vibes and the confrontations, and you let it all out.

Hey, Annie! You look so damn cute with those pig tails.

What a wonderful thank you card, Liz.

I can totally understand, Pat, that you would like to run away and start a new life.

So very sorry, Mike, but the splits in our respective companies are experiencing anxious withdrawal.

Oh Donna!  Way to go!  I am proud of you!

Yes, I am black and blue.  Thanks for noticing.  Yes, it hurts.  Yes, I still have 3 dental appointments left.  Ain’t life grand?

Terry!  Did you know that Sheeda thinks you are probably the most special person in our office.  I can understand why.

Candy?  It’s dandy, Chubs, but you are way too cute.

Kat?  You and your rock stars did it again.

Colleen and Maddy:  Fabulous job, integrating the animal kingdom,  establishing relationships, across boundaries.

Scottie, Barbara Ann, and MCat: Thanks for reminding me that I have not only lost a wisdom tooth, I have lost my mind. hahahahahah.

Half Pint:  Thank you for saying “Oh Wow” and “Oh wowowowowowowowowow” at least 20 times today.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Another day to enjoy life, as we know it, on June 22, 2016.

Make a difference.

You can, if you want to.



Wendys? Or Mc D’s?

I rarely get to watch TV in the afternoon.

However, spending 3 hours in a dentist’s chair with a TV and a remote control, allowed me to find the craziest show I have seen in awhile.


She has a talk show.

She is tall, blonde and buxom.

She claims the buxom part is not natural.

She looks outrageous in a tight green sweater, and a short skirt.

The members of her audience walk up to the microphone to ask her questions.

Every one of them is more buxom than Wendy, if that is possible.

I cannot recall what questions they asked.

I only remember the way they looked.


They seemed to be saying:  You think you have boobs?  Look at mine.

Maybe in this day and age, when we get bored in a few minutes,  surf the channels, looking for something interesting, and see these enormous bosoms, we have to stop to watch.

When I left the dentist’s office, 3 hours later, I had to chuckle.

I think I should watch TV more often in the afternoons.

After all, some of us prefer Wendy’s to Mc Donalds,  and in the scheme of the political climate of today,  Wendy beats The Donald any day.