Expected to wake up with a chipmunk cheek, in pain, after the dental “procedure”

I have to admit I was awake most of the night.

Not from pain, but from the “procedure”.

After signing my consent, with the possibility of several after affects, my body tensed up in that dental chair.

And for an hour and a half, I was a ball of flaming anxiety.

It is true:  Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the actual experience.

Tomorrow, the second half is scheduled.

I decide to concentrate on something more pleasant, like the presidential race.

Sleaze! Liar! Crook! Pocahontas!

Three candidates still in contention, blasting the reputations of one another, along with the press, the congress, Mexicans, Muslims and our current President.

Can we quit the name calling, the childish antics, the one up man ship,  the grand standing, and talk about us?  Remember us?  We are the people of this country, the home of the free and the brave. Who are you three? How dare you call yourselves leaders?

Can we get beyond your egos?  Can you get beyond your egos?

What kind of leader says a prisoner of war should not be honored?

What kind of leader is so brazen to suggest that protocol is not necessary when it comes to protecting classified information?

Are you an advocate of democracy when you favor socialism?

Who is inciting the riots at your rallies?

What’s with your exaggerations?

Will the real bully please stand up?

Does it matter who has more money?

Is it necessary to compare how your wife may look with another’s wife?

Do you really think that we will thrive in the global world, with any of you at the helm?

I have heard many say that they will not vote this year.

Some say they don’t care, they just want to kick the establishment’s ass.

Others are waiting for someone to step forward, to present a rational choice for our future.

Four more months of this craziness.

I sincerely hope that in those four months, a voice of reason will emerge, one that speaks to all of us, whatever and whoever we are.

To give us hope for the future, to provide rational leadership and direction, and to focus on us, the people of this nation…. and our children.

I am tired of the game the candidates are playing.

This is not a world that can afford games.

Wake up America.

Choose wisely.

And keep us safe.







One thought on “A free press? Or sleaze?

  1. I don’t really believe we will be offered a “wise option” this year. It looks like one of those “lesser of two weasels” choices, so all we need to decide is which one we believe would do less damage.

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