Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes.

Ok, so it’s not original.

I heard it playing on Sirius Radio today.

Of course, I thought about David Bowie, and also about the changes that are happening in my insulated bubble of existence.

A traumatic incident in the warehouse.  A co worker suffering after a massive heart attack.

My account of 14 years:  Divesting.  Dwindling.

My siblings:  Only 2 alive, out of 7.  And one is missing.

My teeth:  Next dental appointment:  2 crowns and an extraction.  And guess what?  Now they make the crowns while you wait.  Comparable to the fast food industry?

Another tree has fallen….. in the yard.  The Township hauled it away and showed up this morning with top soil to fill the gap.

My attempts to pass the bar:  Not gonna happen.

A new career goal:  Yes!  I am waiting for the opening in bindery.  I have it nailed.  What?  Which position, you ask?  The glue sniffing job,  of course.

My plans for a vacation?  Taking a rain check, while I perform my daily wheels on meals duties, for 2 cats and a husband.

Speaking of meals, I am hungry as a bear, but can’t eat, due to a torturous procedure, during which a dental technician attacked my mouth with a wild vengeance.

Thanks to the kindness of assorted bar flies, I got hugs, kisses and “I love you” comments as I tenuously sipped a glass of beer loaded with ice, through a straw.

That’s one thing that never changes.  We bar flies love everybody.




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