Things I just can’t get used to:

Iced coffee.  I like mine hot, just like my men.

Texting:  Can we talk?

Rare cold roast beef:  Give me a rare steak, but not a rare cold sandwich.

A cat in heat.  Geez, can’t someone invent a birth control cat pill?

A lap top with no mouse.  Just that thing.  What is that thing, anyway?

A tie hockey game.  What the hell?

Talking to someone, another call comes in, and I hear:  “I have to take this call.  Click.”

Prescribed medical tests when I have no issues nor symptoms.

Warm beer.

Taxes on Social Security income.  Excuse me, it seems this was already taxed.


Stink bugs.

Cold French fries.

Political candidates who prefer to slam one another, rather than address the issues.

Pointing fingers at others.

A dog in a hot car.

A lonely person on Thanksgiving.

Liver and onions.

No paper towels in the ladies room.

Judgmental behavior.

Passing the bar…… Come on, you know what I mean.

Until tomorrow,







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