It is a dark and stormy night.

Oops.  I stole that line from the famous author, Snoopy.

Hey Snoopy:  Get in your doghouse.

The monsoon is here.

I was on the deck, perfectly happy, sipping a beer, in a lady like fashion, when the rain in Spain fell mainly on my deck.

Ok, so I am soaked.

Actually, I look a lot like a drenched cat.

Such an abominable sight.

It wasn’t enough that I could not eat much of anything this weekend.

It had to rain on my parade, to totally tick me off.

Not really.

We Irish like rainy days and gloom.

Let’s face it:  How many Irish people live in Florida?


It is too sunny, with blue skies, orange trees and college kids on spring break, to suit us.

We prefer to suffer in Pennsylvania, where we can drown our sorrows in the rain.

If we need light and illumination, we head for a bar.

Moon shine, baby.

And while we are here, let’s sing and dance.

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling.

I hear the phone ring.

If it’s for me, I am not here.

I am busy tonight, passing the bar.


Missed again.    *wink wink

Ok, so until tomorrow, I will be studying my ass off, to once again, attempt to pass the bar.

But don’t count on it.





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