Strange, how Mondays can be so tiring.

It wasn’t exactly an overwhelmingly busy day.

It was just an off beat day.

As soon as I would get focused on one project, another would pop up, and I had 2 dangling participles.

From one issue to another, it was a day of unrelenting interruptions.

I finally made an emergency trip at lunch time to the liquor store, with a side trip to the doughnut shop.

When I got back to the office, it started up again.

The phone is ringing.

Pick up, get involved in an issue, and see another call coming in.

Just couldn’t seem to complete anything.

Ever feel like a yoyo?

When it was time to leave, I was on the phone with the help desk.

I was put on hold, listening to an unsettling rendition of a sitar solo.

“Thank you for holding, Ms. Chicken Butt.  We will be referring your issue to another department and will call you tomorrow.  Will there be anything else we can help you with?”   Huh?

I left the office, to have an hour or so of quiet time, with an iced beer, at my local watering hole.  I was looking forward to having some personal time and space.

Wouldn’t you know it?  No such luck.

Mr. Personality wandered in, with a day and a half to “lay over” before his trip to the West Coast, drinking his ass off, and….. talking to the one and only table fly in the place.  He said his name was Mac and he had a dog named Bojangles.  Yeah, ok.

I drove home only to find my cat outside with a baby rabbit in his mouth.

Geez!  The day was a dog eat dog, cat eat rabbit kind of day.

It’s no wonder Mondays get a bad rap.

It is well deserved.





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