An announcement today:  Rachel is leaving.

Ok, so who is Rachel?

She is a young, attractive, intelligent woman, who is on her way to getting what she wants.

Ever hear of Lola?

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.

Well, let me introduce you to Rachel.

Or should I say:  “In your face” Rachel.

She has an amazing energy level.

An over achiever.

She refuses to fail.

Will take on jobs no one else can handle.

Is loved by her customers

And her coworkers?  Well, they adore her.

She has a playful, childlike side of her, but never underestimate her ability.

She is a tough competitor, an unrelenting drive to achieve, with an uncanny sense of what it takes to be successful.

Need a friend?

Or support?

We all turn to Rachel.

And amazingly, when she needs to connect, to ask for help, to cry on a shoulder, she will show up in your cube and ask for what she needs.

She is a fashion plate, an avid reader and a loyal friend.

In a few weeks, she will be on her way to living her dream.

Our best wishes, Rachel.

You are definitely one of a kind, providing a colorful backdrop in our work place lives.

By the way, believe it or not, we will also miss your singing….

But mostly, we will miss you.








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