These things tickled me today:

  1.  Peace and Harmony:  the new rock group, MCat?
  2. Jaw is black and blue:  Didn’t I mention that Nurse Ratchett went wild on my teeth?
  3. Went shopping for an electric toothbrush.  Compared the cost to a non electric toothbrush:  Difference in price?   $200, not including replacement brushes and batteries.  Am I really that lazy?
  4. Heard that by Thanksgiving, wine will be sold at the beer stores.  I love how progressive Pennsylvania is.
  5. So Hillary is the presumptive candidate for the Dems.  The first woman to do so. Way to go, Hill! I am pleased to be alive, to witness this historic event. Regardless of your feelings for Hillary, it is a major victory, for women.
  6. Tried to zap a stink bug with my new bug zapper.  Not a good idea.  The stinker lit up like the Southern Cross, flew into my hair, releasing an obnoxious odor, and walked across my keyboard, singing, “Do you know the way to San Jose?”
  7. Looked for my umbrella.  Oh yeah, I gave it away, when the sun was shining.  As the rain pounded on my body and soul, I gave thanks for the deluge.  It was a bad hair day, and I really needed an excuse.
  8. Stopped for a few beers.  What?  Yeah. That’s it.  Stopped for a few beers.  With ice in the glass and a straw.  And it felt good.  It felt so good, in fact, that I think I may have found my new summer drink. However, I noticed the good old boys never just have a beer. They have a shot of some magic potion. My mission this summer is to find that perfect potion to enhance my after hours experience.
  9. The cat:  “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh WOW”  I swear that cat is on crack.     If only he would share

Until tomorrow……






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