Who would have thought that this old Chicken Butt would still be alive and working on this day, in 2016?

Actually, I don’t feel old.

I feel tired, sometimes.

And my right knee is a little dicey.

If I had to list the top 10 things that I can no longer do, or can barely do, they would be:

  1.  Gardening.
  2. Running.
  3. Keeping my mouth shut.
  4. Acting my age.
  5. Taking life seriously.
  6. Abstaining.
  7. Sacrificing.
  8. Not talking to everyone I meet.
  9. Being self centered.
  10. Spending my time off being productive.







Yes, all of them apply.

Take today, for example:

Lunch time:

Walked into Arby’s:

On the menu:  Loaded Italian.

I ordered it.

Got a sandwich.

Am suing Arby’s for false advertising.

I must admit, however, that some people may be offended by my behavior.

Today:  Phone rings:

I answer, and hear:

“Hey Poopy pants, can I ask you a question?”

I get no respect.

But I answered the question.

We laugh.

I say, “Thanks for calling, Poopy doopy.”

We laugh.

What a fabulous job/life I lead.

In summary, on this evening, 6/16/16, my wish for all of those reading this ridiculous blog:

Have a great night, poopies!







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