Hey everyone,


Why would you even consider reading this nonsense?

I am a lone wolf in the banana world.

Ok, let me rephrase:  I am not really fond of bananas, so I feed them to the wolves, and to the alligators.

And I have been reprimanded by the wild life people who say that I am the reason that alligators are a menace to society.

Ok, so I have fed the geese, in the parking lot.

I have fed the ducks, in New Jersey.

I have fed the wild animals in my workplace who love candy.

And I am curious about the dinosaurs, who shrunk the hell down to the size of a croc and alli.

I have been to Florida, but I have never been to Spain.

Sorry, wrong song.

I saw lizards and pink elephants and other creatures, after a 3 day binge.

I love to feed the masses, with one fish.

Ooops, that was JC.

I tend to exaggerate, but only since visiting NYC.

I am really fed up with the robins who are sitting on my car, looking in the mirror and pooping up a storm.

Yes, I have psoriasis.

It is disgusting, so I chill a couple of 6 packs of beer and hang out in the sun on my deck.

So far, the results have been dismal.

And if you really want to hear what  is bothering me, I have a dental apt on Monday, for 3 hours.

Can someone please do me a favor and take me out back and shoot me?

My doctor called again.

She gives me no respect.

Get the hell in here.  You are overdue.

Hey!  Knock it off.

I am an aging chicken butt with serious emotional issues and an escalating drinking problem.

Let me just say this about that:

I did not buy any bananas today.

Ok, I admit it.

I hate bananas.

Bland beyond belief.

Tonight, when the sun goes down, I have no idea what I will be doing.

So, for anyone crazy enough to read this blog, have a lovely weekend.





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