I rarely get to watch TV in the afternoon.

However, spending 3 hours in a dentist’s chair with a TV and a remote control, allowed me to find the craziest show I have seen in awhile.


She has a talk show.

She is tall, blonde and buxom.

She claims the buxom part is not natural.

She looks outrageous in a tight green sweater, and a short skirt.

The members of her audience walk up to the microphone to ask her questions.

Every one of them is more buxom than Wendy, if that is possible.

I cannot recall what questions they asked.

I only remember the way they looked.


They seemed to be saying:  You think you have boobs?  Look at mine.

Maybe in this day and age, when we get bored in a few minutes,  surf the channels, looking for something interesting, and see these enormous bosoms, we have to stop to watch.

When I left the dentist’s office, 3 hours later, I had to chuckle.

I think I should watch TV more often in the afternoons.

After all, some of us prefer Wendy’s to Mc Donalds,  and in the scheme of the political climate of today,  Wendy beats The Donald any day.







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