Sometimes it happens.

You just sit down at the computer.

Let your fingers do the walking.

And magic bursts forth.

You have absolutely nothing in your mind that you want to say.

It just happens when the rubber meets the road.

Ok, when the fingers hit the key board.

The day unfolds in your mind.

You put together all the moments, feeling the highs and lows, the good vibes and the confrontations, and you let it all out.

Hey, Annie! You look so damn cute with those pig tails.

What a wonderful thank you card, Liz.

I can totally understand, Pat, that you would like to run away and start a new life.

So very sorry, Mike, but the splits in our respective companies are experiencing anxious withdrawal.

Oh Donna!  Way to go!  I am proud of you!

Yes, I am black and blue.  Thanks for noticing.  Yes, it hurts.  Yes, I still have 3 dental appointments left.  Ain’t life grand?

Terry!  Did you know that Sheeda thinks you are probably the most special person in our office.  I can understand why.

Candy?  It’s dandy, Chubs, but you are way too cute.

Kat?  You and your rock stars did it again.

Colleen and Maddy:  Fabulous job, integrating the animal kingdom,  establishing relationships, across boundaries.

Scottie, Barbara Ann, and MCat: Thanks for reminding me that I have not only lost a wisdom tooth, I have lost my mind. hahahahahah.

Half Pint:  Thank you for saying “Oh Wow” and “Oh wowowowowowowowowow” at least 20 times today.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Another day to enjoy life, as we know it, on June 22, 2016.

Make a difference.

You can, if you want to.




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