Ok, I am a little bit tired of this presidential campaign.

And I am tired of my doctor holding me hostage with my blood pressure meds, until I cave in and schedule 5 tests.

Moving along, it is tiring to get a message from my home owner’s insurance company telling me I can save $500 a year, if I will change my auto insurance.  To them, of course.  And, the coverage on the auto insurance is no where close to the coverage I currently have.

The waste management company changes the day of pickup and doesn’t advise me.  When I question if there is something I need to know, they claim I didn’t answer my phone, when they tried to call me.  Hmm.  They send my bill over email, but they can’t email a change in the pickup?

The electric company is sending me urgent letters:  Your outside wires are unprotected.  Yeah?  So now what?  If something happens to those wires, you are not covered.  I have lived here for over 20 years and have only had one incident: the squirrels ate the phone line, and to be quite honest, every time we have a blizzard or a wind storm, the power goes out, here, in the boonies.  Another urgent letter today:  Sign up for outside wire protection or else.   Ok.  Or else.

I order perfume from Macys.  They are sending me a gift, with a purchase.   A 7 piece gift with your choice of a lipstick. Ok.  I choose pink.  The perfume is delivered and a tube of lipstick.  I email Macys:  Uhm.  I got the order, but no 7 piece gift. Just the lipstick. They respond: Send that lipstick back. Right now.  If you don’t we will charge you for it.  I look at the order:  Perfume:   $78.  7 piece gift with lipstick:  $0.  Another email: We are sending you the 7 piece gift. Just return the lipstick.  I write back: Keep the damn 7 pieces and the lipstick.  I ain’t returning anything.  They reply:  Then we will be forced to charge you for the lipstick.  Charge:  $0.

So, bottom line?

I will hope for a miracle in the presidential arena.

A change of doctor is on the horizon.

I am checking out alternative trash collectors.

No way am I signing a contract for protecting a wire.

Macy’s can kiss my axx.  I still have that pink lipstick.

Life is a hoot, isn’t it?

I love a good rant.






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