I believe in learning something new every day.

This week I have learned:

Monday:  Never schedule a dental appointment for 3 hours.  I mean, what?  Are you crazy?

Tuesday:  Work:  You come up with a perfect plan.  You coordinate with your customer and are feeling good, and then all hell breaks out.  Lesson learned?   When you start to feel complacent, watch out.  Nothing is constant nor perfect.

Wednesday:  Your cat decides to exercise his independence, staying out all night.  You get very little sleep, you worry about skunks, possums and ground hogs, along with all those other wee beasties that are preying on him.  At 7am, he saunters in, eats, yawns, and goes to sleep. You go to work. Lesson:  Cats will be cats.

Thursday:  Your phone and computer take a hit.  Hello?  Help desk?  I have no phone nor computer. Answer?  We will work on it.  Can we call you or email you if we have any questions?  Huh? Duh?  What? Lesson?  Do not sit in the front cube, in customer service. It is jinxed.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Sheeda is off.  I will be the unofficial greeter of the office, giving out badges and all that jazz.  Oh, I need to share a secret.  Sheeda has special badges that she gives out to those who need access to the warehouse.  Not the chicken butt.  When the cute guys arrive, I tell them I am fresh out of badges, but I will be happy to escort them wherever they need to go.  Yes, once a cougar, always a cougar.

Until tomorrow, keep learning.







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