It’s time to destroy the enemy.

Armed with my zapper and a beer, out to the deck I went.

Come on, yellow jackets, flies and skeeters.

I am ready.

Waited, patiently, for 2 hours.

As soon as one of the critters would fly by, I pushed the zap button, enticing them to fly in harm’s way.

One yellow jacket.

Yes, one.

He flew into the zapper, not once but three times, before he was history.

4 beers later, I am still waiting.

Do you know what it is like to be sitting on a hot deck, with a zapper, on a Sunday, waiting for an insect to show up?

Let me tell you:  If I did not have the zapper, they would be all over me.

Who says these insects aren’t smart?

Just like the birds.

I see them flying around, enjoying themselves, singing, chirping and soaring, laughing at me attempts to destroy Mother Nature’s pests.

Ok. Enough said.

I only got one yellow jacket.

I am hot, sunburned and half in the bag.

I think I like this zapper.

I am becoming passionate about it.

Who cares if I zap anything?

It’s a gorgeous summer day.

It gets me outside.

Oh yeah, and then there are the beers.








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