Tuesday highlights.

It wasn’t Monday.

Plan A failed, but Plan B is moving along.  I love it when there is agreement and a solution to a problem.

Met a coworker, in the sales department, in person, after many conversations on the phone.  Geez he is only a kid.

Felt the humidity drift away after a torrential rain fall.

Shared “zapper” stories with a friend.  Seems we both love to hunt down and zap flies, in the house.

Didn’t quite know what to have for lunch when left over pizzas, from a training session showed up.

Wore my ridiculous horse hat this afternoon, just for the hell of it.

Enjoyed my role as a greeter this morning, meeting 20 or 25 people.

Made a decision to change my doctor.  Yes, I miss my doc who retired a few years ago.  After attempting to bond with 2 docs since then, I, like Bono, still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

I miss reading on my lunch hour, but I need to continue to drive home, whenever I can, to check on Jim and the cats.

UPS delivered my rubber chicken purse today.  What a hoot.  Can’t wait til I get the chicken knee highs.

Mixed feelings about my role on my account at work.  Hate to see the breakup of the company.  I will miss so many that I have known for years.

On a hot, humid night, had 2 cold beers over ice and loved it.

Until tomorrow,






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