Strange things happen in the corporate world.

The view from the top dictates a new vision.

Suddenly we no longer work with the same people who shared the office space with us.

We have divested, split, divorced.

We say good bye like we have said good night, for years.

Have a great weekend.

Enjoy your vacation.

Talk to you soon.

The impact of the separation has not really hit us.

Those who were our partners today will be our competitors tomorrow.

The day of the final judgement has arrived.

You take the high road and I take the low road….

Oh I know we will keep in touch.

If you need me……

It’s not like a divorce with a spouse.

When the marriage has dissolved, it usually takes place long before the final judgement.

In the business world, it is different.

Our minds cannot comprehend the situation until after the separation.

We reach for the phone, start dialing and gently put it down.

There is no going back.

It is over.

Some say it is bitter sweet.

Others feel it is traumatic.

Our besties, along with our worsties, are gone.

We pick up the pieces and begin again, a little shakier, as we try to fill the empty spaces.

We take a step forward and two steps back, over and over again, until we brace ourselves against the wind, become a little more hardened and smarter in this competitive world.

To those who are moving on tonight, to another company, I wish you the best.

I wish you success.

I will not forget what we accomplished together.

If only it didn’t have to come to this.





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