July 2, 2016

If you ventured outside, it was a rare day in July when the humidity and the temperature were in sync.

If you ventured on the roads, it was a crazy day.

Every one in a hurry.

Must have been the day to hurry up to have fun, no matter what the consequences.

I ran into the guy from the liquor store, who tried to cross the road to get to work.

He told me the drivers were brutal, trying to run him down, as he walked from the parking lot.

Having my extensive experience behind me, of trying to cross the road, as a Chx Butt, I offered him some advice.

Hey, Buddy, now you know how it feels to be me…… (Tom Petty).

So we rolled a joint and danced our last dance with Mary Jane.

By the way, he was late for work and got fired.

I, on the other hand, am in a protected category:  old, senile and high.

Besides, I don’t work at the liquor store.

Geez, I wonder if I should apply.

Seems like there is an opening.





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