I am inclined to believe those who say that the older one gets, the faster the time flies.

My favorite time of the year is the spring.

Now it is summer.

Did I really enjoy every minute of spring that I could?

When you think about it, do you know anyone who enjoys every minute?

It’s not the easiest thing to do.

Life happens.

We drift away into the madness of a hatter and forget to look beyond the horizon.

When we meet and greet those who cross our paths, do we really look at them?

Acknowledge them?

Appreciate them?

One of my coworkers got his hair cut yesterday.

He walked by my desk and I commented on how good he looked with his new hair do.

He confided in me, telling me that not even his wife notices when he gets his hair cut, and certainly, not any of the other people he works with.

Are we that preoccupied that we seldom really look at anyone else, when we are talking to them?

People wear their moods and emotions on their sleeves.  They really do.

The vibes and auras are all around us.

It’s so easy to focus inward, to think about number one, in this competitive world.

And it is, perhaps, the single most reason for loneliness.

Once we forget about ourselves, and reach out to others, the world opens up with opportunities, and possibilities.

Leaving you with a little secret from the wisdom of the Wolf:

Spend some time, each day, to experience, to enjoy and to marvel at life on this planet.

It is amazing.




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