Another year has passed.

The winter that lasted one day.

The neighbors who shoveled me out.

The year of the tooth fairy, still continuing.

Weddings, births, deaths, too many to mention.

Divestiture :  Both my company and my account.

Turned into a full fledged chicken butt, crazier than ever.

A painful vigil, hoping for the best for Jimmy.

Hanging out on the deck, watching the sun take control of my psoriasis.

Still writing this ridiculous blog.

Terror and violence escalating around the world.

My heart aches for those who just want to find a place where they can be at peace.

Puff Daddy, the miracle cat, rising from the ashes.

My “Oh Wow” cat, bringing me laughter and joy every day.

Addicted to cheesy garlic bread.

Feeling very fortunate, still working and enjoying it.

Getting my space every evening, over a few drinks with friends.

Ridiculous presidential campaign.

Some day, will get back to NYC.  Hamilton?  Orla?

Thankful for those who make me smile, every day: Friends, family, strangers and animals.

Looking forward to another year.


Yes, several.

But mostly, to live, love and laugh.






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